What is the software capable of?


The professional set contains everything that has ever been developed by celeco on the subject of reading disorders. In addition to extensive contents of word lists and texts (the program is so extensive that a new text/a new word list can be edited daily for more than half a year), the program contains many additional functions:
Student administration

Each student can be created with his master data. It is also possible to combine several students in one folder – for example to show years or classes.

Statistics function

The associated statistics program automatically logs the exercises performed (Fig. 3) and the progress of each student (Fig. 4).

Audio Protocols

This is used to determine the student’s “phoneme recall time”. This is the time from the beginning of a letter’s presentation to the beginning of the letter’s naming. This time measurement allows a progress control for fluent reading.
Homework function

A homework assignment corresponds to a “normal” homework assignment from a school day. The homework assignment can be placed on a memory stick, flash card, etc. or by email. The homework assignment worked on by the student in the exercise set can then be read in and evaluated by the specialist supervisor in the professional set.

Printing station

In the printing station, all texts contained in the program can be printed with various aids such as syllable sheets. Details about the printing station can be found here.

Word list and text editor

The program can be extended with word lists and own texts. These are either typed in manually, copied into the Windows clipboard (e.g. for texts from the Internet) or imported from a file. The new words are separated automatically by the integrated syllable separator.

Data synchronisation with the school server (mobile service)

For the school version, the Profi Set offers the possibility of comparing selected student data with a server in the school network. This function is specially designed for use in mobile services. The data remains at any time only on the server and the mobile device. An internet connection is not necessary, celeco computers are not involved in this data synchronization.