Print any text optically prepared

All texts contained in the software, including those created by the user, can be printed with various optical aids.

The syllable arc further thought: The reading arc

For the transition from reading on the computer to reading on the page, it makes sense to have the text that has just been read available in a printed version that is suitably prepared for the respective reader.

Coloured backgrounds, syllable sheets and extra distances between the individual syllables are useful helpers to guide the reader’s gaze. Unfortunately, many people, especially those with dyslexia, can’t capture longer syllables at once. Read more about this here.

That is why we have consistently further developed the idea of optical aids to support the reading process. The syllable sheet thus becomes the reading sheet, which combines the advantages of optimal text segmentation for the respective reader with the strengths of the syllable sheet.

Example: Colored syllables

You can download the complete reading text here.

Example: syllable arc

Text with reading arcs

You can download the complete reading text here.

The printing centre

With the printing centre, any text can be printed with a few clicks using various optical aids. Thanks to the automatic syllable separator, you can prepare your own texts automatically.

  • Optical markings of the text segments
  • Extra spacing between the text segments
  • Syllable sheets or reading sheets under the text segments
  • Used colors freely selectable
  • Automatic syllable separator
  • Page break adjustments for easier readability (Profiessional Edition only)

Options are freely combinable

All aids can be printed with coloured or black-and-white colour schemes and combined with each other. Text segmentation with 3, 4, 5 letters and syllables is supported. Since new texts can be loaded into our software with little effort, e.g. from the Internet, current or specialist texts can also be easily provided with reading aids, e.g. syllable sheets.