Developed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Reinhard Werth (LMU)

Our software was developed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Reinhard Werth at the LMU Munich. He researches there at the Institute for Social Pediatrics and Youth Medicine.

Diagnosis and Therapy Software for Reading Disorders and Reading Weaknesses

The powerful software is a very effective medium to perform an exact diagnosis and therapy of individual reading problems in children and adults.

Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2015

Richtig Lesen Lernen was awarded the renowned Comenius EduMedia Siegel in 2015. The Comenius awards have been presented annually since 1995 by the Society for Education, Information and Media  (Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e.V. – GPI). have been awarded. With these awards, GIP promotes educational media that are outstanding in terms of pedagogy, content and design.
We are delighted to receive this award again for our software!

Dyslexia Quality Award 2011

Our reading software was awarded the Dyslexia Quality Award 2011. The Dyslexia Quality Award is given to high-quality, proven programs and training materials. The award is presented through expert interviews and a non-partisan commission of the following global organizations:

  • ADA – American Dyslexia Association
  • BDA – First National Dyslexia Center of Bulgaria
  • EÖDL – First Austrian Dyslexia Association
  • DVLD – Dyslexia Umbrella Association Germany
  • DISLECAN – Dyslexia Canaris
  • BLL – Burgenländischer Landesverband Legasthenie
  • KLL – Carinthian Regional Association Dyslexia
  • NÖLL – Lower Austrian Regional Association Dyslexia
  • VLL – Vorarlberger Landesverband Legasthenie
  • WLL – Wiener Landesverband Legasthenie

We are delighted about this award!

Nomination for the German Educational Software Award

celeco LEARN READING THE RIGHT WAY is the first software for the treatment of dyslexia and LRS, which was nominated for the German Educational Software Award. The German Educational Software Prize is awarded annually by the Stiftung Lesen, the Institut für Bildung in der Informationsgesellschaft e.V. and the magazine Bild der Wissenschaft.
We are delighted to receive this award!