Optically prepared texts

The texts are presented with the aid of optical aids in such a way that the causes of the reading disorder can be eliminated, e.g.

Contrast change

Since many children (and also adult Legstheniker) are strongly distracted by the surrounding text when reading a word (segment), this surrounding text can be faded out completely or in parts or made only paler.

The text is hidden to the left and/or right to prevent the child from being distracted by the surrounding text.

Dual-color reading cursor

The texts can be read in small segments (e.g. syllable by syllable) by placing the coloured cursor under the currently read text segment (e.g. a syllable); the eye guidance is trained.

The lighter inner cursor automatically attracts attention, so the text segment is automatically fixed in the right place. The outer cursor marks the other letters belonging to the text segment.

Typical example

So the reader does not stick to the colored cursor. The future one (right one of the cursor) distracts too much, the view is not led correctly over the text. As a result, for example, too large jumps in the gaze are executed and gaps remain. Thursday” becomes “Thursday”.

The annoying text is now hidden.

Text right of cursor is not visible
The text to the right of the colored cursor is hidden (*).

If you now read correctly, you can gradually make the hidden text visible again. This trains you to ignore the surrounding text (in this case future text).

The text to the right of the colored cursor has a contrast of 20%
The text to the right of the colored cursor has a contrast of 20%

Sample taken from J. Taylor and T. Ingelby
Lesemeister für 1./2. Jahrgangsstufe, 1993
Auer publishing house GmbH