Font used

All fonts available on your PC can be used (whether print or writing). The font size is freely selectable.
Read texts

Text, cursor and background color, contrasts, etc. – all parameters are arbitrarily adjustable.

The reading speed can be determined by the child himself, as well as the segmentation in which the reading should take place.

Available segment sizes:

  • 2 letters
  • 3 letters
  • 4 letters
  • 6 letters
  • syllables
  • Syllables with extra marking of the syllable core (only for german)
  • Whole words

Regional adjustment

The following languages are currently available for content and interface

  • German
  • Swiss German (one ß becomes ss)
  • English, German
  • Spanish

The language of the interface is automatically set to the language of the computer, but can also be changed manually.

An additional language of the contents must be licensed separately via a language package. For example, an additional language package for Spanish content can be purchased for the English edition.